Posted by: sawan | May 17, 2008

HTC Touch vs. iPhone

Recently, I’ve been wanting to get a new phone and I’ve been debating between the HTC Touch Dual and the Apple iPhone.

Both have their positives and negatives and I “think” I’ve made a decision about which one I want.

Let me take you through my decision…

My current phone which is the Orange SPV E650, although an amazing phone, has it’s faults and negatives.

The phone has many positives such as the slide out keypad, Wi-Fi, Media Player, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Bluetooth, an AMAZING camera, and many more features. HOWEVER, Every so often, the phone would crash, or I wouldn’t feel it vibrate when someone called.  This did get a bit annoying as it meant Jilna wasn’t able to get in touch with me as much as either one of us would have liked.  The phone would need to be switched off or the battery taken out whenever the phone crashed.  I’ve already changed the phone once with a replacement, but it seems to be doing it again so I thought it was time to get a new phone.

I’ve always wanted both the iPhone and the HTC Touch Dual, and so I decided to compare them both.

One of the better comparison sites I used was

The HTC Touch Dual boasts many features:
– Touch screen feature with interactive menus
– Bluetooth
– Slide down keypad
– Similar interactivity to the iPhone

The iPhone has lots of features such as:
– Extreme interactivity
– Different menus
– Larger screen
– Text message trails
– Wi-Fi
– Much more…

After looking at them both, and analysing the price difference in contracts (being on Orange at the moment, and the iPhone being on O2), I decided the phone for me…

It HAD to be the Apple iPhone.

So I called up Orange to find out when my contract ended so that I could get into a new one and they said my contract ends… 6th November. 😦

So now I have to wait til NOVEMBER to get a new phone, but I always have something to look forward to. 🙂

For those deciding to get a new phone i’d highly recommend all three phones mentioned here.

Let me know of any decent phones you’ve come across or used.



  1. Definately get the iPhone, I have an iPhone now and before that the Touch Dual, there really is no competition and you will get the 3G iPhone when your contracts up so you win both ways

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